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We're nerds.

hahahah. something inspirational.

WPRUS [ w r i t i n g p r o m p t s R u s ]
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This is a small community dedicated to writing. Each day a new writing prompt is chosen to write about, then we share what we've written and get feedback from each other.

It's small, but open.

Here's how it works: I have a stack of index cards with writing prompts written on them. Each day, I pick one randomly from the stack and write about it. They all have numbers on them, so they won't be in order.

Post your work in a new entry with the prompt number as the title, and this above your entry:

Prompt #:
Re-state the prompt:

Then, wait for people to comment. Simple, right?

It's not only prompt writing that goes on here, although the name wouldn't exactly point that out. You can post anything to do with writing: stories, poetry, songs and such.
Leave the prompting to me and the other maintainers of the community, though.


The rules are simple, but strict.
01. Absolutely no negativity. This is a friendly community and I don't want people flaming each other.
02. Constructive criticism is welcomed, actually, encouraged. But no spiteful bashes on other pieces.
03. Stay on topic, please. I don't care about what you write in comments, but when you post an entry make sure it has something to do with writing.
You can definitely post the "HI I'M NEW" post, that's fine. I just don't want Brad Pitt's ass as a topic of discussion. ._.'
04. Have fun.

If you're not sure about something, ask me. Don't be afraid.


Our code. Blah.
The end.