Scarecrowjane (thepencilmiser) wrote in wprus,

PROMPT: Pick one closet in your house and explore. Take four of the items you find and use in a short story. Let one item designate your location (Hawaiian shirt, vacation photo, etc.), one be your murder weapon, one be used for cleanup and a final item to be used any way you see fit.

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    AuthorMoi Prompt#27 DateThursday 15th It’s empty. The house that is. The only thing inside it is a glass, the glass is empty too. It wasn’t…

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    A Furby (the new version) with tree tinsel around it, a suction cup hook thingy, a watermelon Blow Pop, and one of those dorky hats with the…

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    I'm not new. I'm actually the creator on a different journal. :] Prompts coming soon, as well as more posts for me. I've been sick. WHICH MEANS…

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