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Re: Prompt #21

Name: loving4tomorrow
Prompt #: 21
Date: 19th (probably 20th buy the time this is posted) January
Re-state the prompt: Write a letter to the ten-year-old child you once were

Hey Nelle,

It seems like a while, doesn’t it? Really it’s only been five years, but then again that’s half a lifetime to you isn’t it? I remember everything about you, mostly. I remember you aren’t scared of the dark, or being alone, but you prefer it if the two are kept apart. You feel like you have to shoulder everything, and you always tell yourself it will get better. It will, don’t worry.

You’re going to start junior high soon, but not too soon, and you’re wondering if you should join French immersion, you should. Two things that will get you through those two years are when you’re given the choice between the popular kids, and the weird ones, pick the weird ones. Why? Because they’ll stand up for you, welcome you, love you, and pick you up every time you fall. And secondly, stay yourself and never question it.
Don’t fret about grades, you’ll be fine. Work hard in math though, and understand that your math teachers are destined to hate you, accept it. Never lie, if you can’t say something nice, smile and walk away. Also, never stop loving Will, he’s the most important person in your life, and remember he loves pooh bear stories. Brook is a bitch, ignore her, but not on June 21, 2005, listen to her and don’t hesitate to beat the living shit out of Dylan Hummings, it’ll pay off.
Most of all never begrudge your brother, never ever. I know right now he’s awesome and cool, but soon, he’ll throw everything away and if you don’t stop him, he won’t be around for very long after you fourteenth birthday.
You’re never going to read this, but I hope you somehow you know these things anyway and know never to regret anything.

Don’t worry you’ll always wake up in the mornings, I promise,
Nelle, age 15xxoo


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