crimsonpromise (crimsonpromise) wrote in wprus,

Name: Vickie (I'm new. I like criticism.)
Prompt #: 27
Date: December 29, 2006
Re-state the prompt: Write a story about an empty glass.

This turned out... interesting. it's a bit depressing.

She sat staring straight ahead. The only thing in her vision was a water glass. Once it had been half full, but it was getting closer and closer to empty.

The glass belonged to her psychiatrist, Dr. Applebaum, a stern woman who wore her greying hair in a strict bun. She was staring at Andrea, but Andrea was stubbornly staring only at the glass. When Dr Applebaum took a sip, Andrea would stare at the table.

"You need to talk to me," Dr Applebaum said for about the thirtieth time. Andrea glanced up and the doctor felt a faint tinge of hope. It was the most response she'd gotten so far.

'You really need to talk," she said again, and then she lifted the glass and drained it. "Just tell me how you feel. What's your favorite school subject? Do you like to read? How about sports?" She was getting desperate. "Did the chicken or the egg come first? Is the glass half-full of half empty?"

Andrea looked up again. "It's not half anything," she said in a calm voice that seemed vaguely tinged with amusement. "It's completely empty."

Dr Applebaum laughed. "I'm not talking about the glass on the table-' she began, but Andrea cut her off impatiently.

"I realize that. But, to answer your question more directly, I am a pessimist, but the most extreme kind. It's hard to judge quantities of liquid when you're parched. And that's how I feel. Parched." She sat back in her chair-she had begun to lean forward slightly without realizing-and went back to staring at the glass.

"I see, well-" Dr. Applebaum began, but the noise of a bell could be heard, and Andrea stood up. "Right, our time is up. We can continue this next week."

Andrea laughed a little. "No, Doctor. The human body can only go a few days without water, and, alas, I am a mere human. Goodbye." With that she walked briskly out of the office and into the street. Dr Applebaum tried to run after her, but she couldn't catch up, and eventually she had to return to the office.

A day later the doctor got a call. "Dr. Applebaum?" snapped an authoritative male voice. "Andrea Wescomb was your patient?"

"Yes..." the doctor said, dreading what was to come next.

"She had died. You're going to need to come down to the police station and answer some questions."

"Of course," the doctor said. "Officer, can you answer me one question?"


"How did she die?"

"She drowned herself."

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