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Re: Prompt #21

Name: Flikre
Prompt #: 21
Date: 3rd December 2006
Re-state the prompt: Write a letter to the ten-year-old child you once were

Dear Amy,

Hey. I remember you. You're a weird kid. Nobody likes you much. I think you've figured that out already, and I'm sorry to have to tell you so but then you always did value honesty. I envy your relationship with our sister. We never talk any more. Then again around your age I think I was starting to try to "grow up," try to be "cool" and fit in.

I just wanted to let you know that it's really not worth it. (Okay, I remember, when you're ten it's an incredibly big deal. Ssh. It doesn't matter.) You won't make anyone like you by wearing the right clothes, or talking like them, or graffiting desks or any of that. What Mummy said was true - they should like you for who you are. But you and I both know what scabby council estate kids are like. You're not automatically a snob because you were born on the nice side of town, you know.

Oh and anyway, you don't really want to hang around with those girls. They're bitches (Yes, I know you know that word :P) and they're only going to grow up to be losers anyway. You have no idea. High school politics seem like the biggest thing in the world, and you don't even realise I think until the shockwave wears off about six months after you leave. Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked. You haven't even got to high school yet. I remember being scared of teenagers, and drugs. But never once did I get offered drugs in high school. (That comes later, in college. But don't be scared. You'll be able to deal with it by then.)

You don't like boys yet, either, do you? Lucky thing. It was so much simpler that way. I've got a boyfriend now, sort of. I've wondered before, what's better? If I could have a chat with you about it without ruining your innocence I'd love to. Since you're never going to read this I don't mind telling you now - being grown-up is amazing. You feel love to the highest degree, and there's sex and lust and intoxicating substances. You understand people better and can take control of your own life.

But then, you feel depression to the lowest degree and sex and lust can be painful, and intoxication can be dangerous. You can see sides to people you never wanted to see and if your life goes wrong it's all your fault. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to be a kid. Anyway.

I was your age.. about eight years ago. I've got a baby sister now. She's nearly two, so in eight years she'll be your age. I think I'll keep some parts of this letter to show her, but hopefully she'll be different to you. I'm happy you're gone. It was not much fun to be ten.

Anyway, yours, safe in the knowledge that you'll be okay one day,
Big Amy
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