Scarecrowjane (thepencilmiser) wrote in wprus,

Name: Janey
Prompt #: 21
Date: November 0, 2006
Re-state the prompt: Write a letter to the ten-year-old child you had been.

Dear 10-year-old Janey,

You probably think this is a joke, but I am you in the future. Or you're me in the past. We're us. Anywho, believe me. I really miss being 10. I know you/I/we complained a lot about wanting to grow up, but they were right: it stinks. I'm/You're/We're 19 right now, and in college, and it's no fun, trust me/you/us.

Let's see. Right now, you are in Mrs. Cochran's third-grade class. That year will be so much fun.

Stay close to Jaycie; you're still friends nearly a decade later. Also, you'll become friends with Sheila, even though you don't like her right now. You won't believe what her life will be like by the year 2006. It's crazy.

Forget about Kody. He's a jerk, and you'll find that out when he steps purposely on your new backpack.

You're going to make a lot of friends down the road. My advice is stay close to a girl named Clohe when she moves there/here in fifth grade. She will turn out to be your best friend.

There won't be a lot of fights in your future, but watch out for Jamie Carter. She is the most awful person on earth. Even now I/you/we still hate her.

Don't let mom take Sparky to get a flea bath (in a couple years I think). He'll run away and you'll still be sad.

Have you found a yellow mutt named Daisy yet? She will be the best dog in the world, and so will her puppies. Pick the white one with brown spots that looks like a collie. Muffin is still alive and happy, as is Daisy. *NOTE* when you send Daisy to the farm, she will be shot in the leg. Don't worry; she will live. She's three legged but still kicking right now.

Don't date Jorel. It ruins your friendship for nearly 4 years before you talk again.

DON'T DATE WILL! This was the biggest mistake in the world. He will crush your heart and then go after your best friend a year later. It will suck. You will cry. A lot.

Don't let the neighbor kids leave the gate open; Jethro will run away. We never found him.

You will become good friends with Brittany Hastings, even though you hate her guts right now. She will give you a rat. Name him Mr. Lazarus; you will love him. He will die, and you will miss him terribly, but it will be worth it just to have him for the 2 years he lived.

When your cousin finds a newborn kitten by the road, don't let him give it to you. It is going to die and you will be sick with depression for months. Make him take it to the wildlife lady outside of town.

Zac, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson get married. Taylor has 3 kids. It's utter insanity.

Do you remember where our class buried the time capsule? Everyone forgot, so we didn't get to unearth it on graduation day.

Make sure you get great grades in high school. We have to graduate as salutatorian. We didn't. Do not go to NSU. The school is awful and you will hate it. Go to RSU instead.

Try to go on a diet. We're still fat now, and it stinks.

Winter Ball and Homecoming dance of 2006 will be the most fun in the world. Go, and take a camera for the homecoming dance. I wish I had pictures from it.

In a couple years, your aunt will give you a siamese cat. Name him Thorin. He will be your baby. He still is. :)

Keep writing, and save every story you write. One of these days, I/You/We are going to be RICH! RICH I TELL YOU!

Make an effort to be funny. That's how you'll make all your friends.

Don't wear gigantic shirts. They make you look bigger than you are, and people will laugh.

Don't throw away stuffed animals when you're cleaning your room. At the time it seems like a good idea, but then you'll miss one or the other of them for years.

Stick up for Lisa; she's really annoying but everyone needs a friend, and it will be one of the few truly nice things you've ever done. :)

You will fall in love with a teacher named Mr. Haggard. You won't get him. Don't bother. Just daydream. :)

Mrs. Wilks will be the bane of your existence. She's an evil English teacher. Mention Beowulf in everything she makes you write. She has this weird obsession...

I wish I could remember the winning lottery numbers for the past few times. Those could come in handy. Oh well.

Be sure to buy all the Everworld books when they come out. They're stinking hard to find now.

Joe is still a big smelly dork. Continue to pester him. Little brothers are made for pestering.

Stay close to Homa. She will die one day, and you'll regret not spending more time with her.

Band will be some of the best times of your life. Get in Band, and play the flute (and later piccolo). You will love it.

That's all I can think of to warn you about. Not much drastic happens between then and now.

On second thought...maybe you should just disregard this letter. I don't know what the future would be like for me/you/us if we never made mistakes. Just keep writing, and don't get too depressed. We aren't dead yet!

Yours Truly,
Your 19-year-old self
ps-Invest in the internet. It's really big nowadays.
pps-Always take in strays. Dad will get mad, but he'll give in.
ppps-remember what it's like to be a kid. It really is the best time of our life.
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