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A Furby (the new version) with tree tinsel around it, a suction cup hook thingy, a watermelon Blow Pop, and one of those dorky hats with the flaps that snap and unsnap. I shall commit the perfect crime with these, oh yes I shall.

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Well now.

I'm not new. I'm actually the creator on a different journal. :]

Prompts coming soon, as well as more posts for me. I've been sick.

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PROMPT: Pick one closet in your house and explore. Take four of the items you find and use in a short story. Let one item designate your location (Hawaiian shirt, vacation photo, etc.), one be your murder weapon, one be used for cleanup and a final item to be used any way you see fit.

Prompt #27

I'm new to the group, please bear with me..

Prompt #27 - Write a story about an empty glass.

I empty my glass only to discover that at the bottom of it lies another, and yet another void. So I fill it up again, in hopes of somehow filling myself up as well. The bottle is still full, so I pour and pour. After one bottle there appears another and after that one, another. But, I’ve noticed that over the course of time the bottle has changed. Now, instead of holding drink, it holds poison. I fill my glass with poison just the same, as my emptiness has not been satisfied. The bottle remains full, but the glass always empty.

It's short. :-/ Any thoughts?
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Lyrical quotes

100 song lyrics. Either write down a few numbers from 1-100 before you open the cut, and use those, just pick one or there is a handy random number generator here. They're all scrambled up anyway.

Going to try this myself as soon as I get some sleep.

(Cut for length.)
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Okay, I am seriously sorry about this community going under so early. I've been terribly busy and haven't even had time for my REGULAR journal.
Anyhow, yes yes. I suppose I should choose someone to run this for when I'm too busy. Anyone want to? Just, you know, reply to this and I'll choose one sooner or later.
Yeah. In the rules it says to leave the prompts to me, but scratch that. Anyone can post a prompt from now on.

Anyhowwwww. Here is a prompt:

Prompt # 83
Explain sleep to an alien who has never slept before. This can be a sentence long or pages long, you decide.

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