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Name: Lindsay (I'm new here!!)
Prompt #: 27
Date: 11-25-06
Re-state the prompt: Write a story about an empty glass.

The empty glass full of low self esteem was on the table. It was up for discussion as it were, for the two of them. This could be a competition of thoughts or opinions. She was subjective about all of it. All that was said the night before was bothering her. The glass was empty now, and she wondered if it had ever really been full.

A long time ago, this glass was full with envy, prestige, and anything that isn’t considered best for a personality. The glass was once full, but now over time, it had been leaking. Different ones had come along, sucking it dry. It had finally reached its limit. Not even a drop left inside, of anything worth while.

The glass sat there in front of her on the table in the early morning. She was fresh awake just now. She refused to look anywhere else, like the window or the walls; only the glass. Her question was, “where did it all go?” Out came a huge sigh from her lips and she flopped her head down in front of the glass. The emptiness was mocking her. That glass was a pure representation of what she was now.

Her head was still down, but she reached across the table to grab the glass. Midway, there was a change in her decision to embrace it. Instead of wrapping her hand around the bottom of the glass, she moved her hand in front of it. Palm face down to the table, she slid her hand to the glass and it began to move. Her arm sped up and the glass flew off the side of the table only a little ways through the air before it hit the floor. It shattered into several pieces on the tiles in the kitchen.

This was her rejection of herself, what she had become because of what other people had to say. She broke it all, she was done with it. This wasn’t going to be like starting over. It was going to be like rebuilding.

She fell to the floor on her hands and knees, to clean up her mess. Picking up piece, every shard that she could find. They were all the things that made her whole. Over time she could put them back together, and it would be perfect when she was full up, but it could work. If she was going to be an empty glass, she needed the cracks to show for it.
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